Cross-Site CSS Files

August 06, 2003 9AM PST

File this one under goofy fun.

One of the more interesting ideas popping up in discussion of the Zen Garden has been standardizing a set of markup for weblogs. Since the data types contained within a weblog are pretty consistent across the board with few deviations, a central repository of CSS-based design would be possible. You could design a style sheet for my site without ever having seen it, if our markup matches.

While this wasn’t a goal in either project, a quick bit of inspiration last night led me to try loading some Zen Garden .css files into this site to see what would happen. I’ve made a couple of small changes to mezzoblue’s ids to better illustrate this effect, but each change was in an effort to move to more meaningful names: #rhs became #linkList, and so forth. The fit isn’t perfect due to wildly different data, but hey, it ain’t bad for hijacking style sheets which were never intended for this purpose.

Anyway, enough theory. Take a look:

And a couple of non-official Garden designs that work in this context: