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CSS Roundup

July 17, 2003

A CSS-2 menu bar, rounded corners vs. CSS-3, and Jigsaw trouble.

Seamus Leahy recently brought to my attention a CSS-2 menu bar he has been working on. Oh baby, that’s nice.

Why does it suck that browser development has hit the wall? Because the above example won’t be practical on production sites until, oh, 2008. If we’re lucky. §

A demonstration of CSS–based rounded corners. Another one. A third, with borders.

CSS–3 seeks to address this obvious need for rounded corners via the border-radius property. For the time being, we’re stuck with presentational hacks that more or less defeat the purpose of CSS.

Why does it suck that browser development has hit the wall? Because the above solution won’t be practical on production sites until, oh, 2011. If we’re lucky. §

Has anyone else been having problems with the W3C’s CSS validator lately? §

Reader Comments

Ethan says:
July 17, 01h

The CSS validator seems to be working for me at the moment.

And bravo on the browser ire. <grin />

Jai says:
July 17, 01h

Yeah, I have been experiencing issues with the CSS Validator. I hit submit on the validator and let it poll for about 8 minutes, but it eventually spit out that precious line:

“This document validates as CSS!”

I wonder if they are getting hammered with validation requests.

haze says:
July 17, 01h

the CSS-2 menu bar does seem nice but i find it somewhat flashy… more unnecessary than really necessary. if i were a developer, i’d be questioning whether designing a nav system (one that uses too high of cutting edge technology) is a smart idea if it’ll segregate a large majority of the audience. even five years from now, i would question whether an alternative navigation would be more suitable.

Dave S. says:
July 17, 01h

Unnecessary, like the OS X dock, I’d imagine. Oh wait, people use that.

Who says you have to segregate? With CSS you can provide an alternate stylesheet for someone who doesn’t like it. It’s a set of <li>s, so it’s dead simple to re-format. One style has cool menu, one style doesn’t. Ta-da.

Theoretical head-bashing, anyway, since 2008 is a long way off…

July 17, 01h

Itíll soon come and youíll wonder where the time went, eh?

Bob says:
July 17, 02h

The only problem I’ve had with the W3C validator lately were caused by my faulty coding… ;-)

GaryF says:
July 17, 02h

Sweet menu bar. Seems to be a good way of using MOSe to enhance for browsers that can take it; although it might require a bit more fudging than more obvious ideas.

July 17, 03h

I’ve always had problems with the CSS validator, because it’s buggy and not terribly good. I seem to have had more errors recently though, and some really rather bizarre ones.

redux says:
July 17, 05h

yup, the validator seems to just time out when trying to validate by URI recently…had to do validation by upload today…

Lach says:
July 17, 10h

I’ve had no problems with the CSS validator lately, it’s the HTML one that’s bugging me. Apparently my documents have no doctype. Even when I force it to use the doctype that’s already present. <sigh/>

zeldman says:
July 17, 12h

Well said, sir.

neil says:
July 18, 02h

Problems with the CSS validator?

Yup. I’ve recently found it impossible to validate by URI. I had wondered if there had been a deluge of requests for valid CSS all of a sudden.

What can it mean? I’m confused.

Alannie says:
July 18, 10h

Problems with the CSS validator - yes. I got a whole slew of timeouts when trying to validate by URI yesterday. I too wondered whether it was being overwhelmed with traffic.