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What A Day

June 26, 2003

Where does one even begin.

First. Haunani e–mailed me yesterday to let me know her team was inspired by the Zen Garden. They work on the official Burning Man web site, and the result is a just–short–of–validating CSS–based design. Viewing the source greets the user with a short hello from the production team, and if you scroll all the way down to the bottom, you’ll even see some remnants from the Zen Garden in their code.

Pedants please note: the home page is still an older, non–xhtml non–CSS page, and the content areas of the rest feature older code that (presumably) was carried over from the past site design. Haunani tells me they’re working hard to complete the transition. Redesigns like this involve a lot of effort and commitment, and the Burning Man is volunteer–driven. Before you complain such–and–such doesn’t validate, consider that your participation will go further than idle words. Think about lending a hand instead of posting something derisive.

Second. I had lunch with Tim Bray. (Yes, that Tim Bray.) After a great chat session about things like advertising vs. usability design, how interesting it is that 95% IE penetration a year ago has eroded to 90% today, and the digital vs. film debate, I noticed tonight a summary on Tim’s ongoing that just makes me grin with delight. He’s being entirely too generous though — my fastball only clocks at 92mph.

Tim goes into far more detail about my situation than I’ve covered on here. This is quite alright, as I’ve had a post along those lines sitting in my queue anyway, for the sake of my somewhat sparse About page. It summarizes such non–starters as how I got involved in this web thing, my philosophy on design and coding, and why I have a hard time choosing one or the other. That’ll come at some point in the future, but for now, ongoing is a good spot to find answers to some of those questions you haven’t been dying to know about me.

Third. I’ll summarize third tomorrow a.m. — it really deserves its own post.

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