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Weblog Entry

Extended Absence

June 26, 2003

If you have read Tim’s summary, you’ll have discovered that I too am joining the growing ranks of those getting themselves committed wed this summer.

After a year and a half of a long distance relationship, the countless flights back and forth between Vancouver and San Francisco, and way too much money given to our respective phone companies, April and I will finally be together.

All things Zen and CSS and design and blue will go on hold for a few weeks. I’m off to enjoy the east coast weather, by way of San Diego. Keep the world spinning for me, and stay your lovely selves. Ta.

Reader Comments

June 26, 02h

Congratulations and Best Wishes to you both. :)

June 26, 02h

Congrats from another Vancouverite! Marriage rocks! Barb and I have been married for a year and 10 months and its the best!

June 26, 05h

And before you know it, you’ll find yourself wed for 5 years and guessing where the time went. Which I happen to be doing today on our lustrum ;-)

Benry says:
June 26, 05h

Congratulations Dave. When your back we should hook up for a congratulatory beer.

June 26, 08h

Congratulations on your wedding. Many happy returns as they say…

And thanks loads for the inspiration provided by CSS Zen Garden. It is a stunning piece (or should I say, they are stunning pieces) of work.

I am developing a site for my son’s school where I do a lot of technical volunteer work. With the CSS Zen Garden, Jeffrey Zeldman’s book and Eric Meyer’s books, you add to the giants on who’s shoulders I am now able to stand.

Stv. says:
June 26, 08h

Congrats, Dave!
I’ll be joining the married set later this summer myself. Hope you have a great time whilst away, and remember to go outside once in a while! :)

Chester says:
June 26, 10h

Congrats. We are getting married soon, Saturday in fact, as well.

Keith says:
June 26, 10h

A very heartfelt congrats Dave (and you too Chester) have a good time on the honeymoon!

zlog says:
June 26, 10h

Congratulations, best of luck to both of you.

jon says:
June 26, 11h

congratulations! honeymoons are fun–i’ve only had one, though ;)


Ethan says:
June 26, 11h

Congratulations to you, Dave — best of luck, and best wishes.

- e

Mike says:
June 26, 11h

Congratulations. Got married myself last fall. The best wedding advice given to me was:

Have fun.

Sean says:
June 26, 12h

Well I did the whole marriage plunge last summer. I hope yours lasts longer than mine. Currently legaly seperated. Now, I naturally have a jaded view of marriage.

anand says:
June 27, 05h

I have been a lurker in these parts. Couldnt get enough of your lovely designs.

Just wanted to step in and say Congrats.

*back to lurker mode*

Craig says:
June 27, 07h

Was going to drop you a note after reading Tim’s post, but this works! Congratulations – may you two experience a lifetime of happiness together.

Paul S. says:
June 27, 10h

Congrats Dave. If you manage your wedding like your website you will be in for a long happy journey.

tre says:
June 27, 11h

congratulations dave, though I find this trend extermely disturbing – i too am getting hitched this summer. web folks – go forth and prosper.

Bryan says:
June 28, 04h

Get married in Vegas!!! I did 6 months ago - No regrets. I got the package from Little White Wedding Chapel with a live video streaming broadcast. There’s something unique about doing the whole wedding “process” online and getting an email from the chapel confirmation your registration. Even our registry was online.

My advise: Keep your marriage like your website - Forgiving to the past, open to constructive criticism, and flexible for whatever the future holds.

Chris M. Cooper says:
June 28, 09h

Congrats! from way down in the Springfield, Missouri realm. My advice is: don’t sweat the small stuff.

Later this summer I’ll be announcing my new weblog/marriage administrative software called “MarriableType”, the perfect tool for managing your weblog AND your marriage! It will have a full feature set including customizeable tagging, highlighted syntax, argument mediation, and validators for 1)Excuses for forgotten dates and 2)Reasons for buying new toys for yourself instead of considering both you and your partner.

All joking aside though, best of luck. Yay!

Adrian says:
June 29, 10h

Congratulations - I also had the experience of a long distance romance, I was in the Falkland Islands and she in Wisconsin. Between the cost of keeping in touch and the beer drank during our extended chats, I was making a loss so after 3 months I quit my job and moved to Wisconsin and married her. I hope that you have every bit as much success with your forthcoming union as we have.

Rick says:
July 05, 04h

Just passed 20 years this February and after all that time I heartily recommend the step you’re taking and congratulate you on finding a lovely gal who can tolerate you. She must be a gem!

All kidding aside, I wish you all the best for a long lifetime of happiness and joy together. There is nothing as satisfying as being able to share your life with one you love as your love changes shade and depth over the years.