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The Zen of Plagiarism, Cleaning House

June 03, 2003

The first plagiarized Zen Garden submission, and a Dave Winer–style list of thoughts and links.

And in this corner, the first plagiarized version of a Zen Garden design spotted in the wild. Unfortunately, this will not be the last.

While I know you, dear readers, would never steal someone’s imagery, it’s important to note that the Zen Garden designs were created in the spirit of sharing. The code is meant to be studied, dissected, picked apart, and used for absolutely anything you want to use it for. The graphics, however, still belong to their respective owners and any use without proper permission, accreditation, and compensation as the case may be, is theft.

I’m lenient, personally. I’ve authorized use of my images in other work. But that’s my own policy on my own image work, and each Zen Garden submitter may have different (but valid) thoughts on the matter. I think it’s time to re–evaluate the standard header/license in each .css file.

update: the design has been removed, so I’ve dropped the link from this post. Michael grabbed a screen shot though. §

All complaining about Microsoft’s current focus aside, much praise is due Tantek Çelik and his team for this. That is a lot of green in the MSN/Mac OS X column. Way to go! §

Douglas Bowman followed up his recent Zen Garden submission with an incredibly in–depth look at his design process. This is a must–read article. §

Seamus Leahy adds an offering to the recent CSS–2 pseudo–class tricks that have been going around, and ups the ante to CSS–3. While we’ve been focusing on :hover, he decided to explore :target. Take a look in your favourite Mozilla deviant. (Oddly, it doesn’t seem to work in Firebird.) It works just fine in Firebird, but not, as I’ve discovered, Phoenix. Someone needs to pay more attention. Whoops. §

Welcome back Mark. Glad to hear the inbox didn’t get jammed, it gives me hope for my own upcoming excursion. §

Speaking of Garden entries, I’m about 60% done the Photoshop monkeying of my next one, which means I get to start coding soon. If I can build this one, I think it may be one of the first that absolutely couldn’t be duplicated in tables. (although there are some close calls up there now) That’s a rather significant if because I have yet to figure out how I’m going to do a few things. Give me a week or three. §

A brief thought about the AOL/Microsoft settlement — if AOL rests on this decision and relies on Microsoft to keep upgrading Internet Explorer for the next 7 years, they are cutting their own throat. They’ve read the same news we have and must realize that Microsoft just gave them a dead product. That all forthcoming revisions of IE are considered to be integrated into the operating system gives Microsoft a convenient little loophole to keep them from ever having to license anything past IE6. “Sorry guys,” they’ll say. “We can’t give you this new one without divulging Windows code. That wasn’t in the deal.”

AOL is hemorrhaging cash, but they can’t afford to let Mozilla/Netscape die. All this deal does is buy them time.§

Reader Comments

Eric says:
June 03, 02h

LiveJournal TOS:


You agree to NOT use the Service to:

Upload, post or otherwise transmit any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party; “

Michael says:
June 03, 02h

How un-flattering.

haze says:
June 03, 02h

they’re not a commercial business. they’re twits with nothing to gain or lose. no point. just send a note to their ISP or hosting company and voila~ now if you wanna go crazy, i’m sure chuddie can tell you it just aint worth it.

Jeff says:
June 03, 03h

Safari also works with :target. Make sure you have the latest public build (v74).

mort says:
June 03, 08h

My Firebird nightlie (June 1st) seems to deal just fine with the :target stuff

Dave S. says:
June 03, 08h

Nightly builds being newer, that’s not a huge surprise. But…. oh geez, this is embarrassing. I’m still running Phoenix at home. I guess I upgraded at work only. Okay, scratch that part — it works in Firebird.