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New Interview, Online Music

June 01, 2003

The zlog interview, thoughts on Magnatune, and music–industry monopolies.

Ronan’s interview with me was posted to zlog this morning. I think I managed to give a few rather good answers.

What I’ve been noticing is that the more I talk to people about certain issues, the clearer my views become to me and in my answers. Not to say that I’m right, or even close to it, but there’s definitely a refinement process happening. Very soon now I’ll perfect the art of the sound bite. §

After looking at Derek’s CD Baby a few days ago, I’ve discovered another store doing the same thing. Magnatune goes a step further and eliminates the packaging costs associated with shipping CDs and just lets you download the music. They split the profits 50/50 with the artists, and even let you decide how much you’d like to pay for each album.

It’s this kind of innovation that the RIAA simply will not come up with on its own terms. We need to start supporting stores like CD Baby and Magnatune to keep the soul of music alive, and stop treating art like a business.

Note to Canadians: Magnatune lets you get around the heavy customs fee you will pay if you order music from an American store. No physical object means, for now anyway, no additional tax on your purchase.

update: Via Slashdot comes this great article comparing today’s recording industry and their strong–arm tactics to the world of Thomas Edison and his own anti–trust suit. Funny how things can stay the same in a century, no matter how much they’ve changed. §

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