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Weblog Entry

PNG Petition

May 22, 2003

Jeffrey explains far better than I could why this is important, but if you develop web pages in any capacity, go sign the PNG petition. You’ll be glad you did in 1 to 3 years.

For real-life examples now, load up your trusty PNG-friendly browser (NN7, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, even IE5/Mac, whatever, as long as it’s not IE/Win) and point it to these pages — 1, 2.

update: Also check Owen Briggs’ thoughts on the matter. Good points, Owen.

Reader Comments

haze says:
May 23, 03h

pwahahah doesnt it suck to suddenly have no comments in your comment box after days of high traffic?? ok here’s a pity comment to make you feel better.

Dave S. says:
May 23, 04h

Somehow, all the tears are worth it now.

Eric says:
May 27, 11h

Actually, IE does have PNG alpha transparency, but it does it in an IE specific way. It sucks that it has to be done that way, but it does work, I have done proof of concept on it in the past. Here is a good page that explains (though I think the script approach used is poor):

I wrote a JSP custom tag that rewrites itself if src is set to png and the browser is IE. Unfortunately I can’t share it, but it wasn’t difficult.

This comment is a repost from another blog:

Dave S. says:
May 27, 12h

A List Apart also ran a story 6 months ago (wow, has it been dormant that long already?) about using the filter method.

Way too much work for me, and it increases the bandwidth to download two separate images. I’ve resorted to contenting myself with either being happy with a single-bit alpha channel and proper dithering, or no transparency at all. It’s a shame this is so tricky, but such as it is, I’ll live.

Still doesn’t mean Microsoft is off the hook for IE7 though!