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Garden Submissions

May 10, 2003

The first user submission from Jason Estes is now up and there’s another in the pipeline. I’ll try and refrain from making a special post every time a new one is added, but I get the feeling the daily links will be seeing a lot of Zen Garden action.

Me, yesterday: Wow, this has been quite a trip for me. Trite given that today saw three times as much traffic.

I have a 3GB monthly cap, my front page pushes 100k, and someone browsing through all five iterations of the Zen Garden is drawing about 300 to 400k; I’m worried. Crossing my fingers that my host will pro–rate their next plan up from my current. This one may have been oddly prophetic.

Reader Comments

Gary F says:
May 10, 02h

If you can, switch on GZIP - either via mod-gzip or an ASP (can’t provide any example ASP code, I use PHP to GZIP my site). You’ll notice a considerable drop in bandwidth usage. Well worth the slight CPU hit.

May 10, 11h

I’d be glad to mirror the site. Just let me know if you’re getting close. I’ve got some space and bandwidth that I’m probably not using (read: I’ve got a BW cap based on bps not transfer/month)

Dave S. says:
May 10, 11h

Thanks for the offer Vinay. I might take you up on it, but I noticed I hit MetaFilter this morning - the bps might be insane for the next day or two. Do you get charged for going over, or do they just slow down accordingly?

If I can get my host to play nicely and retroactively upgrade me for the first of the month, I think I’ll be okay. Otherwise I think I’m already past the threshold of being ‘very screwed’ so we’ll see what they say.

May 12, 10h

Umm … you might want to put up a PayPal button … soon.

Dave S. says:
May 12, 10h

Tell me about it. MetaFilter, BoingBoing… what next? If anyone gets me on Slashdot, the Garden’s going down for a few days.

Finally heard from my host, I’ve bumped it up to 10GB/month, but I think I’ll need even more than that. Dammit. A few good offers for alternate hosting so far, so somehow this will all work out. (ever the optimist)