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Slashdot Sucks More

April 28, 2003

It’s been bothering me all day, because I can’t figure out a good way to say this without coming across as a total usability geek obsessing over the least little thing. Whatever, here goes.

Slashdot, the archetypal “News for Nerds” site has long posted news items with small icons next to each story. These were great because they were topical, and a quick scan of the page could let you know which stories to read or not, base on your particular interest in the topic.

As far as I can tell, these are no more. The best attempt at categorization right now is a throw–away line following each story title, “from the such and such department”, usually a joke.

What a step backward. No more quick scanning, now you actually have to read a bit into each story to see if it’s one you’ve read before, or even if it’s one you’re interested in.

There. I’ve spoken my piece, and I’m satisfied now.

Reader Comments

April 28, 11h

Have you tried reading slashdot in light mode (you can set it in the preferences page)? I find it way easier to read without there awful ugly clunky black and green interface. More then makes up for the lack of pictures. As for the pictures I suspect its a temporary thing, the icons still appear on the top of the page, and the option to toggle the icons is still in the preferences.

Dave S. says:
April 29, 01h

Same experience. Icons show up at the top, so they’re obviously still around in some form or another, the stories are just icon-free.

Jemal, baby, some of my best fodder for writing comes from commenting, so keep ‘em coming.

Dave S. says:
April 29, 08h

I have. I still don’t get the immediate sense of “seen this one already” that the icons gave me. It was a great system because if you had a couple in a row you could use as a benchmark. “Okay, I’ve seen the one directly above the Microsoft icon, so that means the one above that is new” Very instinctual, and didn’t involve any extra thought.

I noticed before they disappeared outright, each story had three or four icons loading, tiling one over top of the other. I’m thinking they may have moved to multiple categorization, which means buh-bye icons. I noticed the toggle switch still in place though… odd.

Jemaleddin says:
April 29, 09h

Ummm - the icons are there - did you perhaps turn them off? Or block the server that provides them? (AdBlock on Mozilla might do that)

Dave S. says:
April 29, 09h

Nope, and nope. Logged in and logged out, I’m not getting icons.

If this is a quirkly technical issue, I suppose my post becomes -1 Redundant, doesn’t it?

Jemaleddin says:
April 29, 09h

I was thinking -1 Flamebait, but at least you didn’t complain about duplicate posts. =-)
Try viewing this Wireless icon from their page and see what happens.
By the way, I just started coming to your site - very impressive - and it’s been added to my list of daily reads, so try coming up with something new on a daily basis.

rhapsodie says:
April 29, 11h

i havent seen icons next the the stories for a while now, though i do still see them at the very top of the page.

Dave S. says:
April 30, 01h

Okay, here we go. Notice the three icons by the story? That’s probably why I was originally seeing three overlapping icons before they disappeared outright. Categorization in multiple categories.

Yep, they’re probably gone for good off the home page, and now only show up on the individual story pages.

Steve says:
May 03, 06h

What browser are you using? I am not expert enough to figure out why, but I see the icons next to each article when I view the page with Opera 7.0 but I do not see them when viewed with IE 6.0.

Very much enjoy your site, by the way.