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Vancouver Photos

April 27, 2003

It never hurts to have plenty of digital photos kicking around that you’ve taken yourself. Sure, they’re nothing professional, but at least you don’t have to worry about licensing.

It was a good weekend to be outside, so I made the most of it — I cleared my 64MB Compact Flash card and went for a 2+ hour walk around town.

Unfortunately I didn’t get as many photos as I wanted because I filled the card at about 100 shots. But there were some great ones which should come in handy in the future. Here are some.

Reader Comments

col says:
April 30, 02h

oooh the colour of the tuliips are so vivid

May 11, 11h

What’s up with the pastel blue-on-blue color scheme at this and other of your links? (See also: .) Both of these are almost impossible to read because the background washes out the text. There’s not enough contrast. IE 5.2.2 and Safari v73, on a ViewSonic GS790, run by a G4, 450 MP, OS X 10.2.5, w/millions of colors.