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Rip–off… or inspiration?

April 24, 2003

Wow, I never made the connection before. Those guys ripped me off!

Ha, no, not really. In fact I’m pretty sure the current incarnation of their site (which I find far less attractive than the last) pre–dates my latest redesign by a few months.

Still, it makes me wonder if my emboldened choice of a bright red over baby blue colour scheme was subconsciously affected by their site. Inspiration can comes from odd spots sometimes. Shortly after I launched this redesign I noticed the pale blue bar of Irish Spring Sport juxtaposed on the bathroom light shining through my maroon plastic shower curtain matched up my new colour scheme perfectly. I suppose it could be argued that was equal an influence on my palette selection.

Reader Comments

rhapsodie says:
April 25, 05h

completely unrelated: i love you, man!