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The Persistence of Brand

April 17, 2003

How well do you know your brands?

I can’t get A D E F N O R Y. I blame it on my being Canadian, and not exposed to American brands on a daily basis.

(although I KNOW what E O and R are from, they’re at the back of my mind, and I just can’t pull out the rest of the logotype to make the connection)

4/20 update — it’s been solved, thanks to the help of Dale, rhapsodie, and swimunderground.

Reader Comments

rhapsodie says:
April 17, 02h

R is one of the few I did get: Hard Rock Cafe.

Dave S. says:
April 17, 04h

Oh, how about that, it is too. I was thinking Red Robin and couldn’t get over the “Red” part, but it’s obvious now that I see it. I’ve since deciphered the ‘E” in “Home Depot”, but the rest elude me.

Dave says:
April 17, 05h

The A comes from AMC Theatres (I don’t know how I knew that) and thanks Dale for pointing out the N in Dunkin’ Donuts.

That leaves DFOY. I’m racking my brains on that O, since it’s pretty generic, yet oh-so-familiar. Kellogg’s and Eggo it’s not, so that leaves…? (DFY are going to be head-slapping ‘oh yeah!’s when someone finally clues me in, I just know it)

Dave says:
April 20, 03h

Thanks to Dale for N and Y, rhapsodie for the R, and swimunderground for the D, we’ve got this sucker beat!

Amc theatres
lorD and taylor
homE depot
General mills
Jack in the box
Krispy kreme
dunkiN’ donuts
jOhnson & johnson
Quaker state
hard Rock cafe
United airlines

That ‘o’ was heinous. I was convinced it was a food product. Jello, Kellogg’s, Eggo, Knorr, Coca Cola, Crisco, even Betty Crocker all were coming up blank.

swimunderground says:
April 20, 12h

The D is from Lord and Taylor. I knew it was a department store; tried Harrod’s first, but as soon as I saw their logo, I somehow knew it was in fact L & T.

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