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April 16, 2003

Yeah, everyone’s talking about XHTML 2.0 this week, but it’s such a non–issue.

The W3C pumps out good specs for useful technologies, but widespread use just ain’t there. Look at PNG. A patent–free image format to replace GIF, it expands on the 16–year old technology by offering full Alpha transparency. It is 8 years old now, and we still can’t use it. Why not? The most popular browser of all, Internet Explorer, won’t display the alpha transparency properly. Which makes it all but useless for regular development.

While there are some great things coming out of the W3, adoption is slow, if it happens. A very large time is needed for anything to come of a new technology from them. XHTML 2.0 may catch on in, oh, 2010 or so. Until then, I’m sticking with my 1.x.

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