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Weblog Entry

Validation Through Validating

April 14, 2003

It says a lot about CSS–based design when you run your first check on a complete draft, and it comes out as valid XHTML, CSS, and hits Section 508 accessibility guidelines without any changes needed. It’s also rather gratifying when only a few slight revisions are needed to get a triple–A from Bobby.

It is, however, a pain in the ass that adding a simple link to an accessibility validator will break your XHTML. I find it excessively picky that “url=myurl&content=” can’t simply be copied and pasted into an href. Instead you must re–format that to “url=myurl&content=”.

Reader Comments

Keith says:
April 14, 03h

Tell me about it. This is one of those cases where I often times acknowlege that it doesn’t validate and try (keyword here) to move on. I usually last about 10 minutes before I get in there and fix the damn thing.

Kris says:
April 16, 12h

Cascading Style Sheets
Or How I Stopped Worrying And Love Web Development

Mark B says:
April 18, 02h

Yep, there’s a lot about XHTML that’s a pain in the ass… sticking to valid code is currently very difficult for anything more complicated than a weblog.

One day all this will be worth it!

haze says:
April 20, 10h

yah cry babies!~

Dave says:
April 20, 10h