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Bad Marketing Strategy?

April 11, 2003

This is rather odd. I had a message waiting for me this morning to call a guy named Michael. I hadn’t heard a thing about the project he referenced in well over 6 months, and I had no idea who the guy was, or what his company did. But, hey, it was in association with a past job so I figured he must have a reason for wanting to talk to me.

So I called back. Introduction, company name, etc. etc. He asked me if I’d heard about what’s happening in the past two weeks, and I said, no, to be honest, I haven’t heard a thing about it since October or so. He kind of laughed, and then asked me a few more questions.

Am I an investor in the company? No. Do I use the company’s services? No. Do I invest in general? Uh, for the sake of argument, no, but what business is it of yours, Michael? And then he dove into a spiel on phenomenal growth and unprecedented earnings and so on and so forth.

I stopped him and said, hey Michael, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you were trying to sell me something. Hemming and hawing, he confirmed this was in fact a marketing call.

Okay, what? I was a developer in a very vague sense for these guys. Their branding company contracted my company who put me on the job, which was actually the job referenced here. It was a tenuous connection at best, and now my name is on some guy’s marketing list. Wonderful.

Reader Comments

haze says:
April 11, 04h

like this one time, at webdesign camp…

benry says:
April 11, 10h

hilarious dave. paul tells me the two of you finally got to meet last night at a Meetup event. How are those here in Vancouver (I never seem to make it out to these I am so busy)

Dave S. says:
April 11, 10h

Pretty good, actually. There was a diverse mix of people there — a few programmers/coders, a few designers, a few ‘do-it-alls’. Definitely worth the price of admission (which is a couple of beers, or similar). Next one’s in a month, I’m sure I’ll be there.

paul says:
April 11, 12h

i enjoyed it too. always seems to turn into a client bitching-fest though when a group of designers get together (very amusing indeed).