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Hack HotBot, Part IV

April 01, 2003

Part four of the on–going series. I fully expect there to be a part five when the finalists are announced, sometime in mid–May.

Two days early, I’ve finally finished my entries, or at least gone as far as I’ll go. Many frustrations were encountered along the way, some having to do with browser incompatibilities, but most pertaining to the quirks of the original source material. As has been perviously mentioned on this site, it wasn’t very friendly.

Nevertheless, I’ve come up with a couple of what I think are pretty strong skins. Dying to see them? I didn’t think so. Here they are anyway, you heartless bastard.

Hack HotBot Preview

There are only two days left in the contest. If you’d like to use the CSS as a base and whip up a last-minute entry, feel free. I may have already solved some big headaches you’d otherwise struggle with. However, please use your own images. This is about creativity, after all.

Reader Comments

omit says:
April 02, 12h

I like the darkbot. Very nice job.