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Headaches, grumblings, and laziness

February 18, 2003

Having the same problem as Meg, my host doesn’t give me stats on who you guys are and when you’re coming by. I’m curious, just like you. I enlisted the help of SiteMeter, a cheesy hit counter that actually goes a lot further and breaks down actually useful things like domain, OS, time zone, language, etc.

Problem being: while the javascript it spits out is more or less okay by the W3, Mozilla seems to think it doesn’t close a comment field properly. Hence, anything following it graciously vanishes without a trace until the next —> shows up. In this case, my entire right sidebar went AWOL, and broke a few more things on its way out the door.

Closing an extra comment that IE doesn’t think is open, of course, means we get the extra —> showing up on the page. No sweat: I’m being subversive and using a blocking DIV to cover up the meter anyway. If you look way down to the bottom of the page, about 2 lines below the space in “See all…”, hover your mouse until you get a link. See? Sneaky. Now you know my dirty little secret.

Netscape 7 now gives my site the thumbs up, IE remains happy, and even the W3C is playing along. I could take the easy way out and shift blame to the meter itself being the culprit, but it’s embarrassingly obvious that I didn’t test this redesign last week in anything other than IE6. Which goes to show that although a standard is a standard, you still have to check your work.

Lesson learned.

Reader Comments

Dave says:
February 19, 03h

Oh, is that what that’s all about? I’ve had a few referrals from there and seeing the login screen made me wonder what I was looking at. It shows I didn’t read any of the supporting text; I was thinking I was getting hit by referral spam.

I’ll check it out, thanks Paul. I added hotstats last night which seems to be working alright, but it’s not giving me quite as much info as SiteMeter does.

paul says:
February 19, 11h - better stats system than sitemeter.