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Channeling Quality

February 12, 2003

Proving once again that there’s something new to learn about this amazing program every day, I just discovered that Photoshop allows you to tinker with the quality of specific areas of an image when saving as a GIF or JPG.

This shouldn’t be news for long–time users, as it has been possible in the past to select areas that required higher quality with selection tools like the marquee or lasso. With the latest versions re–tooling the way an image is saved for the web, this functionality looked to have all but disappeared.

However, today I realized that it was, again, my own ignorance rather than any fault of the programmers that led me to this assumption. Adobe has elected to use channels instead of straight selections for quality and dither settings, which can be found in the “Save for Web” dialogue as illustrated below.

channel selection button

This makes a lot of sense, too. Instead of having to create a new selection either from scratch or from a channel each time you went to save for the web, this new method allows you to save your selection in the channel and just call it straight from that. A tiny improvement since selections and channels are so similar, but a good one.

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