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Redesign upcoming.

January 20, 2003

’Tis the season for re-designs, it seems. Fresh new year, fresh new look. Yours truly is no exception, but sadly it’s not as easy as a CSS update for me.

Despite the wonderful promise of a “site-wide redesign done from one single file”, those of us who live a dual life in standards-compliant, bleeding edge code as well as high-end pixel editors and the like know that this promise doesn’t ring true.

There’s far more to a fabulous design than positioning text. An incredibly well-done minimalist approach is something to be admired; I love this style when done right, but have never been able to emulate it myself. I need control of my pixels. I need to put splashes of detail here and there. I need the ability to not conform my design to the rigidity that CSS sometimes enforces.

Sorry, I seem to have wandered there. Point being, here are some (non-clickable) glimpses of Mezzoblue, v3. Daring new colour scheme.

8/22/03 update: ahem.

Let’s all consider this post officially retracted. I’ll leave it up for historical curiosity; I don’t believe in erasing the past.

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