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Apple releases Safari

January 07, 2003

One more reason to skip silly browser–detection rituals and dish up pages that mesh with the W3C — Apple released Safari today, a brand new browser based on a non–IE and non–Gecko (Mozilla, Netscape) engine that nevertheless supports major web standards.

Suffice it to say the potential audience for such a browser is limited by Apple’s 4% market share. Ever notice how Netscape 4.x enjoys that same tiny percentage of the market these days, and people still bend over backwards to support it? I’m willing to wager Safari support will be slightly less of a priority for the same developers. Just a thought.

Reader Comments

paul says:
January 10, 05h

that’s a big peeve i have with safari. it’s a damn beta and it’s being released with more fanfare than most final version apps…

paul says:
January 10, 09h

i laughed so hard when safari didn’t want to use the gecko engine, and went with the konqueror one instead. those mozilla guys are too annoying for their own good ;)

Dave says:
January 10, 10h

It’s Apple. This is the computer company with a religious following after all.

Dave says:
January 10, 10h

Slightly agreed, although from Mark Pilgrim’s uber-post it’s got a few basic CSS problems that Mozilla got right.

Makes me wonder which side of the trade-off between a quick, light, but quirky browser and a bloated, slow, but standards-friendly browser the market will favour.

Here’s hoping 1.0 fixes the issues.