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Work and Play

December 31, 2002

You may notice the now–default white typeface.

This site was originally designed on an LCD screen with a rather light gamma, and even I had trouble reading the dark text on a CRT. I reasoned that the type switcher solved this problem, but for some reason the cookies that are supposed to make a chosen style stick just don’t work for me.

So, path of least resistance, I’m making the choice to improve contrast and legibility. After all, what good is the text if you can’t read it?

Also of note — I’ve begun a list of books I read in 2002, along with my thoughts on them. Starting at the end, I’ve made it back to September so far. Take a look if this sort of thing floats your boat. I’ve made an effort to disclose as little as possible about the story and nothing about the endings, since I’m the type of person who strongly dislikes knowing too much of a story before experiencing it. That being said, there shouldn’t be anything more in my reviews than you’d find in the dust cover summaries.

A new year starts tomorrow. Make it count.

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