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Weblog Entry

a Pocket full of Rye

December 13, 2002

In a complete surprise move to even myself, I threw together a secondary publication this week that I’m soft launching.

a Pocket full of Rye is a new weblog that I hope to publish monthly. I would like to say my schedule will be more frequent than that, but I know myself: I’m being realistic when saying it’s monthly.

Inspired by the greats like Fireland and Textism, it will be a collection of short stories, essays and writings on more or less whatever I feel like at the time. I aim to collect the writing and self–publish at some point far off in the future, but that’s long long long term planning, so don’t get any hopes up.

There will be more work on it over the holidays, and I’ll find some way of linking the latest version here. For now, go and take a look at the first edition. Feedback is welcome.

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