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Weblog Entry

Writing is uncomfortable.

November 27, 2002

Pardon the lack of updates the past week. I seem to have melted my notebook’s A/C adapter and I just don’t find it comfortable to type for long periods of time at my desk.

eBay to the rescue, though — even obsolete Windows notebooks can be serviced if it’s possible for the world to pool their collective resources in a searchable index.

Proper typing posture is much easier, even comfortable when sitting on the couch with a notebook in my lap. It’s quite a pleasure to write from that position, but it feels too much of a chore otherwise.

I lust over the convertible Tablet PCs. If there’s one thing you buy your friendly neighbourhood geek this year, that should be it.

further apologies — 11/29

Seems my host decided to crash and burn. I appear to be back up and running, but I haven’t heard an explanation yet as to what exactly happened.

A friendly little error message greeted anyone viewing this site for upwards of 30 hours since yesterday afternoon. It was a 500-13, something about the service being too busy. It looked a little odd, and further probing revealed that only my .asp files were crapping out. Anything marked .html showed up fine. So the going theory, I suppose, is that IIS decided to stop parsing any active server pages.

Happy Thanksgiving, indeed. Even though we already did ours last month.

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