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Weblog Entry

Inaugural Post

November 08, 2002

Okay, I admit it has been significantly longer than 12 days since I took the original mezzoblue down, so to those who actually visit this site on somewhat casual basis (all 1.4 of you) I offer an apology and an explanation.

I realized around the beginning of summer that the last incarnation just didn’t cut it anymore, and I set about fixing it. My skills have snowballed since September of last year, and the previous site was a hang-over from that time period. It served its purpose, but it was time to move on.

The Struggle for Representation

Except I got sidetracked. I found it necessary to put together a new portfolio, and in the process I was further distracted by the need to refine my Flash skills. For months I toiled away at a Flash-based portfolio. Time, effort, frustration, and triumph reigned, and in the end, I was left with a piece that I felt was… not remotely representative of my skills.

I blame the outcome on my own limitations, and I realize that as a learning effort it wildly succeeded. But in creating a work that showcased what I am capable of producing given no time constraints or budget limitations, it fell far short of my own high standards.

By a stroke of luck, I began work shortly after on a piece that I saw some merit in, and what started out as a simple art piece (read: wallpaper) ended up being the groundwork for a new portfolio. Happily, with a bit of elbow grease and motivation, I was able to complete this next version in a far shorter time than the first. And this time, I was more than pleased with the result. You can view my effort (modernalus:the genesis) in the ‘latest projects’ section, top right.

Which Brings Us to mezzoblue

Funny enough, despite the setbacks, this period was one of intense personal productivity. Not only did I start two separate portfolios, I completed them both. These were big projects, the first (and longer) one took over two months.

Finally removing that from my to–do list, I was able to re-visit the rest of my site. I had recently installed Moveable Type on another site, and was much impressed by the ease of installation and customizable components. Plagued by site rot for years on my own work due to the work involved adding a new post to my site, I decided this was a good thing to do.

I still have a lot of behind–the–scenes work to do on this site, including print–media style sheets, formatted comment pages, and adding further projects. I’ve finally moved in though, so bear with me as I set up my furniture and paint the walls.