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About Mezzoblue

mezzoblue FAQ

Because I frequently receive the same types of questions in my inbox, this is an attempt to consolidate and answer as many as possible in advance.

Are you available for design / writing / consultation / shiatsu massage?
Maybe! All business inquiries should be directed through the day job, Bright Creative.
Can you help me with this layout problem/CSS issue/birdhouse?
I generally don’t have the time necessary to work on other people’s thorny layout problems. If you’d like to arrange a paid consultation session, see the question immediately above this one. Otherwise, there are a ton of fantastic resources and people with much more time available for assistance. Best possible place to turn for CSS help: css-discuss.
Can you critique my web site?
For the same reasons as above, I usually can’t respond to critique requests. There are many message boards and design communities out there that could provide input. As always, Google’s your friend.
Can I use this design you created for other purposes?
No, sorry. My clients wouldn’t like that very much. If you’re inquiring about a Zen Garden design, please feel free to take and modify the CSS for non-commercial work, but not the GIF or JPG imagery. Commercial re-use is prohibited.
Can you point me in the direction of good web design resources for beginners?
In a general sense, most of the sites linked in this site's Related section are about web design. More specifically, I posed this very question on mezzoblue and the resulting list offers some good starting points.
Can you plug my site/product?
Maybe, if I deem it relevant and topical to the readers of this site. Generally these types of emails won’t receive a response; the product either will or won’t show up on the site.
Wanna do a link exchange?
Nope. See above.
How did you do those date boxes on the home/archive page? Can I use them?
An explanation, and permission.
What is that ISSN in your header all about?
An ISSN is a number assigned by the regional library council in your country to track serial publications. Much as an ISBN offers a way to locate a book, an ISSN offers a way to locate a periodical. Think of it as this site’s URL in meatspace. See more on ISSNs.