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Moving On

December 9

This surely won't come as a surprise: mezzoblue is no longer being updated.

I've eulogized mezzoblue with a retrospective and a list of some of my favourite posts from over the years. To avoid breaking links the archives will continue to exist right here at their original URLs, and the supporting material for the CSS Zen Garden will remain here.

As for me, I've moved over to my personal site and even started a new blog there. Come follow along.

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  • 10 Years

    May 7 2013 | 83

    Wow. It's finally happened. The CSS Zen Garden is 10 years old today. The web has come a long way in the past decade. CSS3, HTML5, responsive web design, web fonts, a version of Internet Explorer that doesn't make...

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  • A New Number 1

    Nov 1 2011 | 14

    Take it with the usual grain of salt that should accompany any news of global browser trends, but, extrapolating out from the 2011 trend in StatCounter's Global Stats Chrome appears set to surpass IE as the most-used desktop browser...

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  • Serendipity

    Mar 8 2011 | 5

    How does a photo of a fruit fly breeding chamber lead to the discovery of one's own lineage back to 14th century France? That's not a question I'd ever have thought to ask, but this evening I found an answer...

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